Thursday, November 12, 2015

DAy 64- All day felt like Monday

We all agreed today that we would be much more productive and happy if we had every Wednesday off. A colleague even suggested we just add one or two weeks at the end of the year to make up for it.  I would vote for that in a second.  All day felt like Monday and guess what, tomorrow is already Friday!!!! Imagine work for two days, stay home for one, go back to work for two days. Then the weekend!  On that at home Wednesday you could grade and plan and have optional collaboration meetings or video meetings-althewhile take a walk or a bike ride or make meal in between! Maybe even run an errand or go to the dentist like normal people!!!!  Can you tell this idea excites me by all my exclamation points?!!! Truth is, we would still work 50-60 hours, but a midweek day off would give everyone the much needed power up time.  Just thinking about it feels nurturing.  Plus Wednesday modified schedule days are never that productive anyway,,,,

A-ha: Education is changing, maybe its time to do some forard thinkning around school hours...

Reminder:  Change has to start somewhere.

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