Monday, November 30, 2015

Day 73- Back to work

Everyone seemed genuinely happy to see each other today. We all had a much needed time to remember how much we like the people we see everyday. Or maybe I should speak for myself. Started the 1920's in US History and I had the kids at prohibition and gangsters.  We do a station activity that gives a collaborative overview of the decade as an opening to the unit.  Too many students for my taste are failing that class but I am letting go and showing up. After school, the students who want to pass and improve their grade are coming. The rest I will just keep waiting for after school. Two weeks left of teaching in this semester and then finals.  I love the 1920's and oh how I wish we had more time!

Kids might fall in love with History if we could just spend time going deeply into an era without time crunches.
There is always room for change.

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