Thursday, November 5, 2015

Day 60 - stuff happens

SO first period got right to business with a DO nOw about things they think need reforming in today's world.  They were to begin a research and digital media project about the Progressive Era and I wanted them in that zone.  They were there, even the hyper hormoned 16 year old boys.  We shared out, I explained the project, you could hear a pin drop- they were LISTENING TO DIRECTIONS - I gave them the go ahead to open computers and pick the person they will research- we were good to go....
5 minutes into researching and discovering about their subject, the power in the entire building went out.  I looked around, they weren't too distracted yet- they were still working!  98% of their Chromebooks were charged and this power outage did not deter them. I handed my ipad to one kid and my chromebook to another.  Another kid said, "I'll just use my phone".  Wow- nightmare diverted!
15 minutes later- the wi-fi goes out.  Now they were ready to have their excuse.  I checked other classrooms, racked my brain.  There is no textbook that has all 35 of the people they were researching. Should we go to the library and use encyclopedias??? I don't even know if the library still has those.
       I waited ten minutes, no wi-fi.  Okay time to read.  I found a story of that era in a set of literature books I have in my class, for moments like this I guess.  Everyone got a book, they were all on the page and quieted down, transitioned to mellow time. I was about to open my mouth and - wham- the lights and power all flashed back on.  Hooping and hollering. I decided to keep them in reading mode.  We read and laid on the ground until the bell rang.  I had no more transitions left in me.

A-ha:   I still get surprised when things do not go as I expected.

Reminder:  Find out if the library still has encyclopedias.

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