Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Day 67 - Instructional Rounds

I was with students all day long but I didn't have to teach! A day of rest from being completely present and able to observe my colleagues and all the learning going in my school.  Today after school as I was preparing for tomorrow, I felt like a different teacher. It surprised me because going into instructional rounds I felt fairly knowledgeable and consistent with most of the things we were looking for in my own teaching.  Well, very explicit observation and discussion impacted my teaching more than I had anticipated and even more than I anticipated before I started writing the agenda up on my board. My biggest take away today was the difference between a learning objective and an essential question. I know, that sounds basic, but in a rush to set up class for the next day, I never(maybe first day of school) write the explicit learning goal for the day. Always the essential question, but that is not the learning goal.  Even in  these past months as I have been reading more and more John Hattie and exposed to more PD around explicit teaching; it didn't hit me hard until today.
Now, lets see how many times I can reference those learning goals tomorrow......

Teaching is a practice that needs discipline and work everyday- even when I feel buff.

There are some great teachers at my school.

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