Monday, February 29, 2016

Day 119 - I love how much we are all learning!!!

Socratic Seminar filming today about "Is it justifiable to take away people's rights for the common good?".  The students are beginning WWII and I wanted to start with looking at Pearl Harbor and Japanese Internment.  We watched a video with a transcript copy to collect evidence.  It wasn't perfect, but there were moments of greatness for a few.  My favorite part was reading the reflections.  Students really do like learning in this format- from each other and through discussion.  They want to speak more- they want to use more evidence- these are all things they wrote.  I guess that makes it my job to work on helping them be even more prepared and have more modeling and videos for what it looks like to listen,  A few were antsy today and the other students noticed and wrote about it in every reflection. They wished a few people were more serious and they noticed when the outer circle had a side conversation.  This time I forgot to control the outer circle seating before we began. It negatively impacted the seminar, but I love how much we are all learning!!!

A-ha:  Everyone is listening when you let the students be the center of the learning.

Reminder: Don't skip steps to finish on time.

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