Sunday, April 3, 2016

DAy 136 & 137 - CABE conference

SO the last two days before Spring break, I was at CABE 2016- a conference focused on EL strategies and bilingual education.  Its hard to be out of the classroom when so much is going on, but at the same time that makes it easy to enjoy too.  I have to remember the students have 5 other teachers and plenty to do. Also with technology it is easy to assign content to students when I am out.  I was most worried about my Seniors conveniently forgetting about their community action projects and my yearbook team needing some fire from me.  I was on the phone with my yearbook crew, lighting the fires under their butts as much as I could from afar.  I did end up doing quite a bit of work in my hotel room on that yearbook- but its done.
A bonus from the conference was two of my students parents also attended.  It was nice to get to know them, practice my Spanish and best when my student called his Dad, I got on the phone and scared him to death when I said I was with his Dad eating dinner in San Francisco!
I had never been to this conference so I didn't know what to expect.  The learning strategies weren't anything that new or exciting- our school and history department really focus on all the common core they were addressing at most sessions.  The sessions that inspired me the most were on culturally responsive teaching and bringing creativity back to the classroom. There was also a very informative session with tools and take aways on how to recognize specific language writing issues and how to address those.
Last bonus, it was in San Francisco, so lots of vegan food for me!

A-ha:  Social interactions with parents may be just as powerful as a home visit.

Reminder:  Keep shooting for an Academy family beach bbq!!!!!

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