Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Day 15 - collab0ration...

My colleagues deserve and need love just as much as my students do.  If I would've remembered this today, I might be more excited by my leadership and the meeting we had today.  Today, I got trapped into the "nobody likes these meetings and they are just a waste" thinking. So instead of stepping up my game, like I would for students who might feel this way about school- I just ran the meeting and did my job.  Very uninspired, I might add.  I felt the meeting dying and my soul laying flat- so I asked everyone to share about victories and/or good news before we closed the meeting.  It helped me enjoy them and the meeting more. Plus, its kind of inspiring hearing teachers talk about things that are victories- which many people may not even notice.

A-ha:  I need to step up my leadership and take some risks.

Reminder: Teachers need each other for inspiration and support.

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