Monday, September 14, 2015

Day 22- Procrastination 1- Chrissy 0

Today I was not as prepared as I thought I was.  Things have been smooth so I didn't super prep before I left my class on Friday, and I felt it in two ways today.  Way number one- got to school earlier than usual to set up for first period and guess what??? That's right, the internet was down with access to all my files and items I was to prepare!  Procrastination 1- Chrissy 0.   SO this put me behind and my rambunctious happy 11th graders really needed a super prepared teacher today-- not the  "hang on 1 minute let me get this ready teacher"(way #2) . The lesson was rich nonetheless, but I imagine-I mean, I know- that had I been more prepared the students would've had an opportunity to go deeper with our Mexican American War Role Play/Tea Party.  We did a Howard Zinn reading as a class afterwards, in which the students were able to hear the history of their characters in more of the context.  Usually the tea party itself is my favorite part of this lesson, but today I preferred the reading.  The students were very attentive(quiet), engaged and willing to read. I've been reading different articles/blogs that are changing my desire to have everyone read and challenge them in my class, so today- no round robin or popcorn reading. I read to them at first.  Then asked if anyone was dying to read- hands went up!!! These were strong readers that kept the class interested.  I would jump in, then one of them.  This is not a researched practice, but it worked today. And it calmed them down and me down.

"New teacher" feelings never go away.

Kids of all ages (people) like being read to.

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