Thursday, September 24, 2015

Day 30- new territory for me

Been tired all week, someone told me it was because of the season change- but I'm not really seeing any change in the seasons. 90 degrees plus today....crazy.  I guess some people believe the autumnal equinox it self makes you tired. I think my weekend in Big Sur made me tired.  You know how slowing down can slow you down sometimes?
I want to write about an uncomfortable moment I had in the class when an administrator was in my room.  I will preface with a two things - 1) I feel very comfortable with and would call the administrators at my school my friends  2) I had a dream the other night that I got so frustrated with a kid who wouldn't get off his phone and then tried lying about it, that I cussed at him-"Stop f***ing lying to me and stop selling yourself short!" That was scary, but then in my dream I look over and the principal is sitting in my room at a desk. I woke up a little shaken.  (I am not much of a cusser, but that kid does drive me crazy with his phone) 
I gave you that background to explain why I may have been so sensitive today when admin was in my room and a kid says "hey I wanna get out of this class", and another pipes in, " yeah, me too- honestly I don't feel like I belong here". 
So this would be hard to hear with or without an administrative witness.  My dream for yearbook is for everyone to feel like they have an important purpose and that they belong to a powerful team.  The year is young, but I sure didn't anticipate the hardest part of yearbook would be getting kids to want to be there. Students taking an elective that they didn't elect is new territory for me.

A knowing of belonging can fill up empty holes.

Protect my students before I protect myself.

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