Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Day 33 - they did it

Today was blogger with students. We are upping the quality of their on line presence, by pre-writing before we post, clearly identifying our purpose for each post and following a basic thesis and reasoning with evidence outline. I repeated myself a lot today, I re explained about 100 times, I coached people off the edge of giving up and I heard plenty of, " this is too hard", or "this is too confusing".  Every time I heard that I responded with, "it sounds like the learning process."  They did it. 90 students published their first post in their very first published writing, their Community Action Project Blog.  The pre writing outline made a noticeable impact on their writing and I am excited to see how much they grow as writers through this process and reflect on their own learning. Maybe they can fall in love with learning at the same time.

There is a fine line between letting kids quit and refusing to let them quit.
I have to start the last period of the day as if it is the first.

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