Thursday, September 10, 2015

Day 20 - Young, wild and free

Highlight for today was watching and listening to my students take a quiz.  The tech boom has produced some great formative assessment tools for the classroom.  Kahoot and quizzizz are all the rage these days.  My students were screaming, hollering and laughing--- and learning, believe it or not.  The music to my ears was when they were done, they said--"lets do it again, lets take that quiz again!"  These quick and easy tools make kids like taking quizzes, which has led me to do a lot more formative assessment where we all get immediate feedback.  The hard part sometimes, is calming them down afterwards.  I am being specially explicit and transparent about transitions in my 11th grade US History class.  To keep the class varied with different types of learning activities, my students have to be able to change modes.  I have been stressing this hard core and today the transition to explaining the homework before we left - after that wild quiz, wasn't so smooth.  It took them a few to calm down and focus.   But they finally did, and that's all that matters sometimes.

Maybe I should make them earn the right to take those quizzes??? (That'd be a fence painting Tom Sawyer move right there!)

The kids see right through me; they know I love hearing their laughter while they act young, wild and free.

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