Monday, September 21, 2015

Day 27- sucking in feelings wears a girl out

Too tired to write-  life happened tonight and my kitty (18 yr Old cat) had to go to the vet.  Just an ear infection but a little draining on this day.  I have a tendency to suck in uncomfortable feelings and immediately intellectualize  and rationalize so well that I even convince myself of my perfect explanations on life happenings.  Well, sucking in feelings wears a girl out.  I can scream joyous feelings to the moon, but those others- I place 'em in perfect little boxes.

I need to check in with myself on days when I am tired and see if and/or what feelings are being held in.

Don't want my cat to die.

****Today was a growth spurt- pains and all- maybe get into it tomorrow.*****

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