Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Day 28 - they know they know it

Actually blogging from class instead of home-- my partner will be thrilled that I will be able to pay attention to her instead of my Chromebook.
I almost cried twice today during a Kahoot quiz!  I am silly, I know but twice, every single kid in class got an answer correct.  Another hidden joy of Kahoots. Of course this happens on all sorts of tests(one hopes), but there is something powerful about seeing it on the big screen that every single student learned something successfully.  Its powerful for them too- they know they know it.  In the beginning I worried that my English language learners were at an unfair disadvantage in these formative assessments because they are timed and you have to read fast.  But I tell ya, today- they kicked butt on everyone.  Its possible that some of the nerves calmed down because they know what to expect when that horrible music comes on.  Its nice to see proud success on their faces when they are ranked number one and number two in the class. Again- just a simple formative assessment- but so many rewards.

I need to find a way to make filling out reimbursement forms more efficient.

Some teachers get zero reimbursements.

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