Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Day 29 - everything is a blessing in disguise

The computers came for our yearbook class!!! Yep, thats right- the computers that were supposed to be set up over summer in our brand new yearbook lab got overlooked.  It was difficult for me the two days before school started, to open my yearbook room and see it completely empty.  I decided not to react too much and spent very little time in anger and disappointment.  I couldn't.  For one, I cannot survive in a place of helpless complaining. And second, I knew the kids were going to be disappointed so I had to be in solution and acceptance- pushing forth the knowing that everything would work out fine.  So far it has, and today they were really happy to unwrap those boxes and set up the computers.  This is far from a perfect situation, especially since only 11 came from the district warehouse and the others are on hold; but I am hoping they will have a certain pride fro their yearbook lab once they are done building it.  Not a lot of kids can say they built the yearbook and the lab for yearbook. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise.

With a shift in perspective, everything is a blessing in disguise.

Data is important. Looked at SBAC/CAASP scores today.

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