Friday, September 18, 2015

Day 25- No complaints whatsoever

( written last night )
Here I am in Big Sur, on a mattress topper in the back of a clack covered Ford Ranger, bloggin away on my chromebook.  A lot of people do not know chromebooks can be used off line- including my students who use no internet as an excuse for not doing homework!  I always knew they worked offline, but this is the first time I am experiencing the ease and reality of mucho access.   
I am on an annual Women’s camping trip and had to take tomorrow off to help set up and prepare for a relaxing, bonding weekend.   I remember last year, I NEEDED this break. Not so much this year.  Like I have posted about in early entries...something is different this year.  Maybe its the blogging thats keeping me grounded in less stress and more presence.  Or maybe its the umpteen million hours of PD I have done the last 4 years.  Or maybe its just one of those years.  I will take it as long as it lasts!  Of course I am grateful to be able to take a day off and enjoy a weekend of nature (as I sit glamping in the truck bed on my chromebook) and hope this break-before I need it- will lead to even more sustainability with my teaching energy.
11th graders came after school to work on their writing assignments, Yearbook picked a theme and almost a cover and I sold 4 T-shirts for the Spirit CLub.   No complaints whatsoever.  
Tomorrow the sub only has to show up for my government classes and take role.  I made a video for my students to watch which explains the lesson completely.  I recommend the tool screencast-o-matic-  easy to use, cheap and versatile for direct instruction or curriculum delivery.

Its way easier for me to reach unwilling students in content based courses as opposed to electives.


Staying positive does not come naturally for most people.

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