Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Day 18 - a part of something

At the end of my day, I sit here and think what can I write about today that is short and sweet- because a lot goes on any day at any school. Being a blog and not a novel, I can only write so much.  I have yet to think, "I'm gonna write about that tonight"- it really is a quick reflection of a few things that stick with me, in retrospect.
Right now for some reason I am thinking about my CatzNation students and my yearbookers.  CatzNation is a school spirit club/class that has been around forever and whose main purpose is to keep spirit up at games and events around school.  We have our first home football game this Friday and I think they are excited.  I know I am.  I love screaming and yelling -and chanting, lets go Wildcatz!!! I think that's why the admin asked me to take over this group.  But really, I get a lot of joy out of being with the kids at events and meeting their families.   Feeling like we are a part of something- because we are.
Yearbook is beginning to feel that way.  I want the kids to know they have a big purpose in archiving the year and a mission of including everyone.  They're getting it. And I want them to know they are important, even when they don't have a camera in their hands.

When you change your shoe style, people really notice. Dansko's are a teachers dream.

Its okay to wear shorts to school when its this hot. (and a student said, I think teachers should wear whatever they want. I don't think I agree, but wearing shorts tomorrow!)

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