Sunday, September 20, 2015

Day 26 - Friday, personal day

( written Sunday) No school for me on this day- which was hard because their was a monumental football game that I missed. You see, our football team was able to play at the Levi's Stadium, home of the 49ers - and I missed it!!!  My prior commitment made it impossible for me to go and explaining that to students was interesting.  They couldn't imagine what was more important- so I had to explain commitments.  Which was hard, because they know I am committed to school pride and cheering on the teams- but it can be hard for them to grasp making a prior commitment and not being able to change one's mind.  They finally got that people were counting on me, whom I made a prior commitment to before we knew about this game.  It took me awhile to accept it too.

Always learning lessons and how lucky am I to be torn between ways to be of service....

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