Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day 16 - Back to School Night

I'm never sure exactly what to expect at back to school night except knowing for sure, that one kid whose name I keep messing up will walk in with a parent or guardian and my heart will sink and I will start panicking- casually trying to glimpse the sign in sheet just to make sure I don't mess up.  Ya, that's happened every time.  Ya, that happened tonight.  But even more confusing parents started coming to my room whose kids are not my students- talk about moments of panic freak out.  I figured out the problem before too much sweat was dropped.  But most of the night I saw proud parents and kids; families supporting each other; parents with tears in their eyes when I thank them for having their children and being there for them.  It makes a difference and I know it isn't easy.  No one followed the back to school night schedule which made it a little chaotic but I was able to spend some quality moments with both parents and students.
My Spanish speaking parents are patient with my Spanish and they always kindly slow down their speaking for me.  Tonight was a community full of graciousness and praise.

Next year, I will Kahoot the parents - survey style!

Put out name tags for everyone!!!

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