Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Day 102- instead of everything being boring

I do not love lecturing, but when it comes to talking about Economics and economic enigmas, I want to talk to the class all day! There is something you see click in students heads when you break down the thinking around everyday things which they never have questioned.  Like "why are there braille dots on drive up ATM's?" or my favorite "why do people pay for bottled water when tap water is so cheap?" The kids are always shocked when we look at data showing that most bottled water is just filtered tap water and that it doesn't get tested as often as tap water.  But mostly, they can't believe when I was in high school there WAS NO SUCH THING as bottled water!  I grew up on L.A. tap water and I am just fine(well, healthy at least).  Anyway, I like giving kids a new way of thinking and opening their minds to new creative solutions and possibilities. Actually its not new thinking but economic principles allow students to make thinking visible, theirs and society's.  Tools of meta cognition really get students interested in what they are interested in.  Instead of everything being boring. 
Finished the night off with a soccer game at school. Always fun to scream and yell with the kids and see us winning!!!!!

A-ha: Economic thinking really allows for inquiry based projects.

Reminder:  A school sporting event always gives me the warm fuzzies....

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