Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Day 111- Letting kids slack off is a disservice to them

Looking back on my day, I realized a few things that I may have done differently.  First block, I singled out a student, who kept going to his phone, as the one who was going to learn something today. but I did this out loud without even thinking about it.- "we're not leaving until "Robert" learns something today"... I was pushing him on purpose because he knows better.  But I know better as well and should've just taken his phone, not tried to shame him into learning.  I really didn't realize I was doing this until I looked back.
Second block, pretty smooth---we got what we needed to get done- students met the days learning goal and they appreciated the screencastomatic video I made, breaking down their on line textbook chapter reading.
Third block, looking back I see I kind of slacked off - and still it was the hardest work of the day. Slacked off, meaning, I did not have the energy to force a few kids into staying on task.  Today was majority online work and during the times they were on their chromebooks I got tired of policing them very quick.  If I take away their chromebook then they can't do the work.  Their textbook is online, most of their quick writes are in google classroom- etc. The most successful part of the day, for some, was the short group work and going to the board to write down details and examples of different economic systems.

A-ha:  There should be a study on technology use effectiveness for youth at different times of the day. Haven't they researched when P.E. is the most effective? How about technology?

Reminder:  Letting kids slack off is a disservice to them.  Explicitly giving them some lax time, is not.

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