Thursday, February 11, 2016

Day 108- Its my birthday!!!

If you work at a school, I recommend not being shy about your birthday.  It just feels good to hear happy birthday all day.  The students like wishing you a happy birthday and you could probably use it as leverage.  I did not have to do that today, just enjoyed the day.
First thing this morning was the Senior Panoramic picture for the yearbook and never having done it before, I expected chaos.  I coached myself a bit beforehand, " accept any and all help, just let people help you, do not get attached to any outcome....etc." Well, teachers helped, kids were cooperative and we did it in less than 20 minutes. No chaos, low stress.  I am so thankful for everyone who helped, and glad I let them!
After work was the annual high school teacher celebration at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.  Fun hanging out and seeing all the teachers from the area while we get celebrated by the Seaside Company.  This year it was karaoke and bowling--a fun, accidental birthday party for me!  I got to sing and dance with co-workers and just have a good time.  Sometimes I think about not going to this event, but every year I go, I bond with a new co-worker and make new connections.

A-ha: I have enough proof; second semester is easier....

Reminder:  Say yes to hangin' with colleagues, especially those you do not know very well.

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