Sunday, February 28, 2016

Day 118 - Friday seems so far away.....

Only a two day weekend, but Friday seems so far away.....
I was at school all day on Saturday for a Senior Class fundraiser, maybe that's why.
My seniors are behind on a few unit assessments, so instead of going to the school play- we worked on and relearned some of the things that were due last week.  There was pretty much a 95% no turn in rate for the last assessments, so I realized it must be something I'm doing wrong.  I have allowed them to do them out of class- like homework.  I figured if I give them a whole week to due an assignment which shows me they understand the units learning- that would be enough time.  In the past, my assignments that take a little more creativity have been mostly embraced; not so much with this senior class.  But I will keep trying to let them show them selves how brilliant and creative they are!
One of the assignments was a picture of themselves, where they identify and label goods & services , the factors of production and include an explanation of where they are , along with the opportunity cost.  About a 20 minute assignment if you read the instructions and understand those things.  I was able to help them and get them to help each other as we relearned and refreshed. It took about 30, but almost everyone finished and turned it in.  The second was to write song lyrics comparing command economic systems and market economic systems. Again not too hard but they froze on this one, " we're not songwriters", "this is too hard".  I did some more modeling - using the tunes of other popular songs, looking up lyrics of songs and just changing them etc.  Not all are completed, but most have confidence now.  One girl was rapping in the class, recording it on her computer.
Bumped into a student and his mother at Costco. What a pleasure. Those are moments when I wished I lived in Watsonville so I could see students and their parents all the time around town.  I guess that would be some teachers nightmare!

A-ha:  Just because creativity is easy for me, does not mean it is easy for the kids.

Reminder:  Run more errands in Watsonville.

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