Sunday, February 21, 2016

Day 113: They heard me. Today.

I saw kids talking to each other today for extended periods of time. It was lovely and reminiscent of how things used to be before everyone had a cell phone.  After catching myself in some laziness on Wednesday I gave a stern refresher of my cell phone expectations PLUS an added- no more warnings. I just don't want to see them.  It worked.  Go figure.  I did confiscate a few, without words just a hand out and then student puts phone in my hand. I told them "I don't even want to say the word cell phone today". They heard me. Today. I will have to repeat myself next class I am sure.
But the best part was seeing how much it improved their group work.  They were all talking and engaged with one another- not one hurrying up so they could be done or one obsessed with sneaking a peak on their phone.  They were interacting, like humans- face to face.
So I guess I get to remind them everyday of the cell phone policy if I want it to stick.

A-ha:  Cell phones really do keep people from being present with others, myself included.

Reminder:  Stay firm and clear.

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