Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Day 110 - TIME IS FLYING!!!!!

Its 10:00 on the dot and I just got home.  I promised the Senior Girls basketball players I would come to their last home game- we won!!!! It was worth it, even though I am starving and still in sweaty clothes.  I made a pact with myself, that if I stay late for any games, I have to also workout in the school exercise room,  I did. I took time out for me and my health.  It only took me 5 years of teaching to figure that out.  Now to keep the consistency.  So far so good this second semester.
The teaching day went smooth enough, pushed a lot of kids and maybe I could've been a little gentler in yearbook.  But we are past a deadline PEOPLE!!!!  Some of the students in yearbook do not feel a sense of urgency until their grade reflects Failure to meet a deadline.  Right now, I have about 7 Failures to meet a deadline.  I have a strong feeling by next class, those pages will be what they think is done.  Conveniently, the yearbook company sets the deadlines with enough time for me to then help them finish, as in edit etc.  There is only one more deadline after this one...TIME IS FLYING!!!!!

A-ha: Some parents really do lose perspective during sporting events.

Reminder:  Take a shower.

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