Thursday, February 25, 2016

Day 117 - I was due for an adult day

Its hard to be out of the classroom but sometimes it comes at the right time.  A technology workshop all day today and it was the most useful one yet! The pace was good- I learned new stuff but not too much new stuff. Re-learned some stuff and not once did I feel held back by the tech level in the room. After 16 hours together, and practicing in our classrooms- I guess that happens. And, I had enough time to work and apply all of this learning to immediate lessons in my classroom.  Good use of time. Another bonus, I didn't have to ask anyone to put their cell phone away or hand it over.  I was due for an adult day- thank you PVUSD, thank you Jason Borgen, thank you Courtney Rudd.
So just so I remember, some of the new google apps I learned and re-learned about today were:
1) turn off the lights- to blacken my screen- which I need now because I have a smart projector in the ceiling as opposed to one on my desk that I can just close the cover on
2) docent edu - annotation tool for any website I find and want to share with the kids. I can put questions in, arrows---all kinds of stuff
3) Tab resize - so I can like 4 tab pages showing(I need a lot of tabs open sometimes instead of toggling back and forth)
4) In google sites I had never used the single page template - I can make an announcement page or even a list page
5)we used screencastify today, but  use screencast o matic. However screencastify is great for the students
6) google sites Webquest template to help me keep my webquests rigorous and organized.

There was more too, but thats it for now.

A-ha:  I do need adult days sometimes.

Reminder: Sometimes the kids need a break from me too.

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