Monday, February 22, 2016

Day 114: This is a busy time

This is a busy time.  The work I do with Stanford's Hollyhock program is due- two parts- and lesson plans for my district google certification is due- oh, and I have to teach, plan and grade.   And I need to finish a presentation I am doing at a conference in early March.  Well it's good for me to write that down and see it more clearly than the way it was all jenga style stacked in my brain.
So it has been mentioned that I may want to check my number of commitments, but I don't think people understand how many things I do say no to! I am a doer and as long as I am honest with myself and able to say no and/or back down as needed, I feel pretty good about stepping up.

A-ha:  Taking too many commitments may not be about me, but rather leaving opportunities available for others.

Remember:  Don't be afraid to change your mind and don't be afraid to commit.

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