Monday, February 8, 2016

Day 105- Friday seems years ago....

Three day weekend, kick off birthday celebration- kept me from Friday blogging.  I did think about it Friday, but got sucked up in packing  etc.  
Friday was definitely a teaching day, not a bonding day.  What I mean is, some days you can tell the connections are the meat and the most of the learning and some days you are soooo teaching that the bonds are not obvious.  In Economics, when kids are interested, we actually are discussing and discovering all kinds of things about ourselves and the world, but its under an academic guise.  Friday was all about factors of production and all the different inputs that go into all the different outputs.  The world slows down a little bit and your mind speeds up when you think about all the different resources and energies that go into every little thing we see, use, buy, throw away, etc.   After learning about factors of production, everyone looks at the world a little differently.
Bonus of the day (week/month/year): one of my students said, "Ms.MacLean, I thought Economics was going to be so hard- but its not, its like common sense."

A-ha: I'm a good Economics teacher.

Reminder: Leave chores and email alone more often.

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