Monday, April 4, 2016

Day 138 - Back to school/work

Considering how difficult it was to get up, how horribly I slept, how many times I hit the snooze button and how late I was running- I had a pretty good day.  Got to work on time( just not as early as I like) and my room was not too dissheveled from having a substitute before vacation.  Cords were unplugged, my projector was pointing the wrong way and my audio was messed up, but nothing I couldn't fix in a few minutes.
It was genuinely nice and sweet to see the kids. I think we all felt well rested and patient today. First period seemed more mature than I remember and yearbook seemed way more immature than I remember. I think I would prefer to have immaturity in my elective than in a content class.
Its nice having a prep on Mondays, especially after vacation, because I can ease into the week.
My after school credit recovery kids were supersmooth today and a few finished their course. There are now only 8 kids left to finish and they are right on track.  This is the third year of e2020 an online credit recovery program we use, and finally, I think the kids are getting the hang of what is expected of them.
Smooth day back at work, and even though I stayed til 5:40- I made it to the gym and made dinner fro my partner!
Almost forgot to blog tho.....

A-ha:  Being without technology or a phone for 5 days in nature, really did bring a deeper sense of relaxation into my body and mind.

Reminder: Don't be scurred- do it more often!

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