Thursday, April 21, 2016

Day 151 - the news threw me

More smarter balanced testing today, but it went a lot smoother than the first day- as predicted.   The news about Prince kind of threw me in the middle of the day and luckily I have a few co-workers that I could mourn with.  One even came up to my room and find me to make sure that I was okay.  I do love prince- he is a genius, prolific composer,  a perfect and moving singer and the best overall musician that has lived during my lifetime of loving music.  I am a musician and I wish to have a even an ounce of his talent.   The kids don't really have a connection with Prince- but they will.  Especially after tomorrow in my class.

A-ha:   There is no excuse for not going to one of your heroes concerts.  Its been too long.

Reminder:  Buy Michael Franti tickets.

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