Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Day 149 - Day one of Smarter Balanced testing

Well the hardest part is over, day one of the testing.  I was surprised about how much anxiety I had around doing everything exactly perfect for this damn test!!!!  Students who brought their own computers kept being sent to the library but then coming back to my class with computers that were not updated, more students would show up and then my computer wanted to only remember last years password and I was so anxious I didn't even think of starting the test on my other computer in the room with all my saved info from this year and then  I started the test over a few times because the directions in my binder did not exactly match the screen,....But then we got started.  phew!!! Bonus - all these kids were ready and willing---and by the time we started every kid had shown up.
The lessons we learned during the test were aplenty.  Screens would freeze, one girl had magnification stuck and couldn't read any questions --she sat there for 35 minutes as we scrambled to find someone to help.  SO the trick is to restart the computer and it will save the students work even though they are in this special browser and test.  Now we know.  Next time will be easier.
In my perfect world, the company who receives the 100's of millions of dollars for these tests, should administer the test.  They are the experts, I'll stay in the class with them for morale support. If they are such high stakes tests, wouldn't this make more sense?  Because what happened in my class happened in many classes and I know multiple instances of the same are happening at every school.

"Hang on students, I need to mediate before our test!"

A-ha:  If I had this much anxiety what was it like for the kids?

Reminder:  Everybody did their best today.

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