Sunday, April 24, 2016

Day 152 - project day

Friday flew by as my seniors finished building their websites and I had to bolt right at three to drive to Santa Barbara for my partners Moms bday celebration weekend.   On these days when students are doing all the work, one would think that I could get so much done- but its not the case.  Which is fine, I would be worried if no one was asking me for help or guidance.  But it is an interesting phenomena that one can actually get more done with a perfectly scheduled class.  Then you know how long you have - like 10 minute quick write- then you know what you can get done.  Whereas a "project" day, every time you sit down something comes up.  I want them using me, but I just have to remind myself about how those days go, so that my expectations don't get me all ruffled.

A-ha:  It is nearly impossible to get any substantial amount of work done with students in my room.

Reminder: That's what preps for....and home.

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