Monday, April 11, 2016

Day 143: Defiance

Defiance, thank the TV gods that I can laugh when I think of that word because I always think of Scandal whenever the word comes out of my mouth or I type it in an email.  Yes-- I had two instances of defiance today. It seems so silly; just give me your phone please when I ask for it- you know you will get it back in an hour!  But every month or so, I am greeted with.....DEFIANCE( HA- you are thinking about Kerry Washington right now!)  Another student decided today that the bell dismisses him not me--luckily everyone else stayed put and respected my wishes. I do not think that he will enjoy apologizing to the class.
I wish Scandal was on tonight.....

A-ha: As a kid I was kind of wild, but I was never defiant-- I knew how to please adults.  I think that's why it still surprises me.

Reminder:  I know my work is important, but I mustn't take myself too seriously!

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