Sunday, April 10, 2016

Day 142: TGIF

Friday and the students were able to focus all the way through sixth period.  Sixth period is always the most challenging, I take some responsibility for that.  Not only are the kids over it by the end of the day, so am I kind of.  Its hard to be completely present , available, joyous and free in the 7th hour of teaching.  We all did pretty well on Friday and stayed with each other and available for learning.  TGIF!!!!!!

A-ha:  upon watching an older video today, I see I let a student derail a whole class learning.  In retrospect, I should've exited him from the class.

Reminder:  Its okay to interrupt a Socratic Seminar by asking a student to leave, waiting for a situation to mature within the circle does not always work. 

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