Monday, April 25, 2016

Day 153 - I am noticing

Monday, the beginning of the Civil Rights unit and I mam noticing my heightened sensitivity to every student move.  I have noticed this before, when I teach the African American Civil Rights movement.  I want so desperately for the students to get it and be outraged and be motivated and to be altered.   The town I teach in has very few African Americans but the realities of the oppression of people of color and white privilege are very real and alive in our town and its neighboring town, Santa Cruz.   This fact just doubles the importance I feel for my students to connect to the African American struggle.  And honestly, in the last few years, I have yet to be satisfied with my students enduring understanding or my method of teaching this unit.   I am focusing on music this time, and I could hear a pin drop as the students listened to Billie Holiday singing Strange Fruit today. Next week, Soundtrack for a Revolution.

A-ha: Written reflection leads to internal change much quicker than keeping self observations in my head and to myself.

Reminder:  Even when done with this yearlong practice of blogging every day, I need to keep on a writing and reflection schedule.

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