Thursday, April 28, 2016

Day 156 - briefs

Next week we will back to normal but on the last leg, which is always the hardest push.  I feel like one blink and the school year will be over...I'm not ready! I was even getting nostalgic with my juniors today, thinking about how hard it will be to say goodbye to them next year when they are seniors.  
Funny moment in class today: As I was putting up my amazon account for Soundtrack to a Revolution, a student says " You buy your underwear on Amazon?", another pipes in "$8.97".  Wow, I didn't see the side panel of past purchases.  Luckily, these underwear were for utility and not fashion or "evening" wear; just good old sturdy Hanes.  I was surprised they weren't more interested in the drone copter purchase...

A-ha:  Its been awhile since I purchased those undies, and actually purchased a history book in the morning. I guess Amazon thinks its time for me to buy new underwear.

Reminder: Turn the projector on when the movie is ready.

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