Monday, April 18, 2016

Day 148- powderpuff conditioning

Today I found something I am good at and I love to do... leading students in exercising and conditioning!!! I did lead a zumba class once at the first school I worked at-- some students and the school secretary; but this was different.  Only two girls showed up today, but they meant business.  They wanted to workout and I loved cheering them on and working out right next to them.  Full of willingness and perseverance, they made my day.  We used barbells, we used kettle bells, we used dumbbells, we used resistance bands, we did squats we did lunges and we had fun( or at least I did).
Lets see who shows up tomorrow....

A-ha:  Teaching or leading exercise satisfies my physical needs, emotional needs and spiritual needs all at once.

Reminder:  Willing participants in anything can make all the difference.

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