Sunday, May 1, 2016

Day 157: the kids are going to miss us

I have noticed this past week that my students are attempting to spend more time with me lately.  In retrospect I do believe this happened last year too.  Towards the end of the year students start hanging out even more after school to do work, but they don't want to leave.  Now there are always some students like this all year but this is a different type of student and usually groups.   They just want to spend time with us.  Its as if they suddenly realize they will never have high school again and they start enjoying the teachers more and want to get every last piece out of them or maybe just make up for being jacka**es in the past. Whatever the reason, it is very sweet and I enjoy all the laughter and stories we share.

And then there was Prom this weekend and everyone looked gorgeous and had a fabulous time!

A-ha: My high heels really hindered my boogie factor this year at Prom.

Reminder:  Take the damn shoes off!!!!

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