Monday, May 2, 2016

Day 158: If only...

If only I could replicate the engagement and student directed learning that occurred in my class after school! Of course, finished Community Action Projects are tomorrow so students were quite inspired to stay after school until 5:30 and work the whole time.  Yes, this is how I wish the CAP looked every day that we took class time to work on it, but I will take the visions of today which are planted in my mind and  now I can help days like this grow.   The students were so engaged, and they knew it and they liked it.  Groups finally collaborating at the pace that makes sense to me and students constantly checking in to see how they could improve, with me and their peers.

Our first set of presenters went today and it felt engaging and alive but there is still much room for growth.  I really want students to identify their own strengths and interests before they design a project.  There were many noble, feeding the homeless and collecting clothes or baking cookies to raise money for a charity, etc. projects but I still vision more innovation and originality- a few got there!  I am excited to see the staff, the community and the students embrace this type of project; now lets go deeper!

A-ha:  I am not used to getting defensive and when I do, I stumble and fumble about how to be because I do not recognize myself!

Reminder: Work on that.

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