Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Day 169- surge

Today my post ovulation hormone surge did not meet kindly with senioritis.   I felt it right away so I just stayed back.  "Here's what you need to do today--do not get in the way of anyone trying to accomplish that. I'm going to be over here at my desk putting in grades and returning your emails."  I made a wise decision today; letting them strangle, I mean inspire, each other instead of me doing it.

Keeping my distance helped the day go much smoother than I had imagined after that first surge of rage, I mean disbelief, I mean concern; I could feel in my blood at the beginning of second. I spotted it , I named it, I got the hell away from it. Day finished and a lot was accomplished.

A-ha:  The kids probably appreciate it when a teacher knows when to go away.

Reminder: But at the same time we get to experience moving moments like the Principals awards when  a kid almost cries and scholarship night when a lot of kids cry. Crying because they are proud of themselves. 

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