Thursday, May 26, 2016

Day 176 - vultures

So much. I was on the verge of tears in Advisory as I realized I won't be seeing my Seniors after next week.  They all want me to sign off on their graduation slips...but...WAIT...I need closure, I'm not ready for goodbye to just be my sloppy signature. But they are.
In yearbook we talked about the loud voices of complaint versus the praise we so quickly forget to hear or give. Creating a very public creation is scary and risky---they should be proud and they are but it is a hard life lesson to learn about handling criticism.  We used sentence starters today to give feedback that empowers.  Every negative rumor/tweet/chat they heard had to be inserted into one of those. Yes there are typos, but the good news we know what good spellers and close readers we have at our school, cuz I have not seen skills like that displayed in any of my classes! ;)!
After school the vultures(Seniors) were circling my desk, keeping me trapped at the computer, hollering and laughing at their own desperation, "okay I emailed you, now can you grade it? I fixed it now, can you grade it? all I need is your class..etc., etc. , etc.   I couldn't help but laugh at this situation with them...but then back to work.
Adult ED Graduation happened tonight too, and talk about not giving up. Those are the best graduations. Its very powerful to see students from last year who didn't graduate--get to finally graduate.

A-ha:  Positive feedback has a lot to do with timing. Some folks at my school have had great timing this week.

Reminder:  Proofread every single page on the big screen/whiteboard next year, not on the chromebooks.

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