Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Day 165 - rockthevote

A woman from the elections office presented to the seniors today and got quite a fair amount of students registered. I am glad this happened but kind of wish it was a little sexier.  She wasn't really that excited and neither were the kids.  Neither was I.  It was a lot of going through the motions, which is necessary when filling out forms and such, but not any inspired discussions about the importance of voting.  I didn't really prep my econ kids cuz it wasn't on my radar and I am in way Econ mode as opposed to gungho Gov mode.
They got registered and many of them were happy to be.  I think some may have noticed what a privilege it is as many of their classmates couldn't register due to citizen status.  Sometimes I forget how many of our students are not citizens.

A-ha: Undocumented students, passionate about politics, issues and/or candidates can still participate by informing family members on issues and helping register people to vote.

Reminder: use the Rockthevote website more.

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