Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Day 175 - community

A little lighter today, as yearbook distribution went smooth and more importantly- the kids were proud of what they made.  Their words of approval to each other made my heart feel like it was covered in soft fur, and purring. School is crazy busy and so many things are happening all at once, for everyone. There was a baby shower today for two very loved friends/colleagues thrown by another Wildcat family member whose birthday it was.  Another teacher's World History class wrote letters that inspired a visit from Jimmy Panetta today(I heard he had to bolt a little early to go meet up with Hilary in Salinas). At the end of the day, I bumped into our sports medicine guy who has been out with cancer--back at work today!  He just hugged me and wouldn't let go as he talked about how much the WHS Wildcat community supported him.
I work in a very special place with some very special people.  I don't think all teachers are this lucky.

A-ha:  There is a lot of myself that I haven't shared with the WHS community.

Reminder: To be connected, to know and believe in the connection- I must reach out.

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