Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Day 159 - even just one

Wiped out. Tired. Presentations today and Open House was tonight.  "Ms.MacLean, I thought this was impossible, but I did it.  I learned I can do whatever I put my mind to." I heard variations of this sentence 4 times today.  Makes it all worth it and helps me not get too wrapped up in thinking about the groups with great actors pretending like they have been working their butt off.  I'm not angry with those "actors" as much as I am sad that they couldn't get inspired and missed out on an opportunity to discover their own greatness and power.  There may always be some students who wait to the last minute and think there presenting skills can carry them, but more suredly- there will be students who make possible what they thought was impossible.  Even just one of those is enough for me to keep going.

A-ha:  Students, or young people in general, do not get enough opportunities to feel important and listened too.

Reminder:  The ones doing the teaching are doing the learning.  Stay student centered.

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