Thursday, May 5, 2016

Day 161 - Cinco de Mayo

My school is a little more than 90% Latino, primarily Mexican-American and very few of my students knew the history (or remembered) and significance of Cinco de Mayo. We had a short lesson and discussion and by the end I think they were all proud of how Mexico's little ragtag outnumbered army, beat the French(who had the strongest army at the time).  School celebrated with a food sale day, a car show and some dancing the Caballo Dorado.
My Seniors were hanging around quite a bit today after school and all of them actually got some work done. They are stressed and bouncing back and forth between desperation, blame and denial.  A losing trifecta, but most of them will cross the finish line.

A-ha: Obsessing about what I think other people are thinking has got to be the most tiring thing ever. Thank god I don't fall there very often.

Reminder:  Listen, its more than just not speaking.

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