Thursday, May 19, 2016

Day 171 - a rough start

Today I was totally embarrassed by my 11th graders.  Yes only 4 of them, but of course, when there are guest speakers- it feels like all of them.  Brown Berets visiting my class and a few of my students started arguing, using the f bomb, trying to get each other to "shut up". At the end of the presentation, the girl who dropped the f bomb went and apologized to the presenters for losing her cool at the "annoying boys who wouldn't shut up".  I was half proud of her for that.  it was all of about a 5 second interaction that the speakers may not of even heard( I wish) but it felt like an hour and it was on speaker blast.  Then another one had her phone out, I walked over, she knows the drill- put the phone in my hand, you get it after class.  She refused. I kept standing there. "No, Ms.MacLean, I won't do it, I won't do it".  I had security come and take her phone. It was like a bad high school movie.
But then it turned 9:15 am and everything was fine the rest of the day.
Picked up the Powder Puff t-shirts on my way home!

A-ha:  I would rather start my day rough and finish strong than the other way around.

Reminder:  Sometimes extracurricular activities are the highlight.

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