Sunday, May 22, 2016

Day 172- plus the weekend

Friday, Friday, Friday...seems so long ago.  Well first off we had our very intense and fun Powder Puff football game, and thankfully my team, the Seniors, won!  It wasn't pretty tho. Girls were down every time I turned around and the darn Juniors surprised the heck out of us with their brutal defense.  But in OT, we won! 7-0.  Honestly we had sooo much fun and the students bonded in a way I had not seen before.  I swung by Applebees after the end of the game and I couldn't have been more proud of all of them laughing and giggling and aching while waiting for their table of 25.  It was definitely a crowd pleaser.

Then Saturday, the WATCH (Watsonville Area Teens Cultivate Habitats) students I mentor had their final presentations at school of their yearlong research projects( WOW!!!).  But afterwards.....all the students and mentors and science teachers go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium - they spoil us with dinner and we have a slumber party in the aquarium.  One of my favorite bonuses for showing up for kids.

Sunday am, time to book it back to school to pick up some students who agreed to take part in one of my students CAP, which she called a funrun for health awareness.  it was fun, but there wasn't a whole lot of running- mostly walking.  We went to Nisene Marks which is full of coastal redwoods and trails. 6 miles- not too shabby.  We ended with a beach clean up and bbq at the neighboring Seacliff Beach.   I think I'm sunburnt- forgot to wear sunscreen.

I'm happy when I am available to show up for kids.  It takes a lot of energy but they fill me right back up.

A-ha:  Kids don't know how much nature feeds them until they are in it.

Reminder:  Incorporating self-care into busy days works. ( Like a bike ride in between student events!)

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