Monday, May 16, 2016

Day 168 - organic

Sometimes you have to just let go and let class grow organically.  This can become a bunch of weeds and ruin the crop sometimes and other times its the best fruit ever!  I guess as we teach longer, we become better farmers and are able to decipher when its time to go organic and trust the sprouts that are growing outside of our plan.  Today I trusted the sprouts and it worked.  It wasn't the best fruit ever, but I believe what happened today in class as students wanted to discuss various rights to fight for, after they created their own 10 point plan of demands(based on Black Panthers demands for African Americans) was much more student oriented and aligned with their final then my plan.  Creating their own plan was timed- but I didn't think they were going to get so into talking about all the issues they brought up. They still need to listen better and paraphrase each other more often and accurately-- but they are getting there. They wanted to be heard, they deserved to be heard. they were heard.

A-ha: I am becoming a better farmer.

Reminder:  Class is most powerful when the students are doing the talking.

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