Sunday, May 15, 2016

Day 167 - my favorite things

On Friday I was wondering, "why do I wait to the end of the year to teach my favorite things?"  So in US History we are going deep into Civil Rights and Economics its all about globalization and sustainability!!! I love this stuff and the students are trying to check out.  Why do I wait til the end?  Because the curriculum is built that way? Yep.  So I must do something about this.  There must be a way for me to go into these topics earlier in the year. Of course I touch on them and interject them as often as possible, but having those topics be the focused learning outcomes and the focus of all the learning is much more powerful.  Next year, maybe I should start with globalization????

A-ha:  Students have expectations just like I do. And they get scared and have a lot of feelings of disconnect when those expectations are not met or life changes what  was pictured-- just like me.

Reminder:  almost vacay.........!!!!!!!!!

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