Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Day 170 - smackdown

Everything seems to be moving along just as usual for this time of year.  Some students not in reality about their grade or the time left, students making extra personal efforts to connect and students trying their damnedest to make up work and raise their grade.  Oh, and me taking on too much of the responsibility of their grade.  It's less than usual, but it still keeps creeping in and under my skin causing me to want to grab my hair and strangle...the air. Reality--- not everyone will graduate and some will be summer grads.  As a colleague said today, " Chrissy, with all your flexibility, the students have no excuse."
A bittersweet statement from a student last year on the last day, " Its not your fault MacLean, you did all you could.  This is my F."   And the A's are theirs too.

A-ha:  I feel so full of personal and professional growth, then feelings start creeping in and smack that ego down to "I don't know anything" land.

Reminder: Smackdowns teach me how to get back up.

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