Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Day 163 - why people take on the AP load

Subbed AP US History today and what an excited group of kids.  Their teacher has done a great job of drilling the facts in while making them fall in love with history. The day before the AP test she had all of them in the quad making a humongous timeline of US History- including important people and noting the economic, social and political impacts.  Those students were chalking and talking like crazy- recalling info, helping each other, asking for help and building on knowledge.  I wasn't surprised today to hear from many of them that they felt prepared and confident in their AP US History test.
Today we talked about the military industrial complex and Eisenhower's farewell speech.  Students were making all kinds of connections, including back to George Washington- and that was before we watched "Why we fight". This is why teachers take on the AP load.

A-ha: Being with AP students today, made me wonder if I am underserving my students and not expecting enough from them.

Reminder: When the water level rises, so does the boat.

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